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Velvet Echo is the production duo of Mike McClellan and Stephen Newman. Longtime friends and collaborators, they formed their own studio while finishing college. They played and performed with multiple bands, all the while honing their skills as producers and engineers. Their friends would ask them to record and produce them, which would lead to meeting new musicians meeting talent they wanted to work with. During this time their love and appreciation for multiple styles of music deepened, which encourage them to branch out in their own writing. This created a snowball effect which lead to them moving away from running a recording studio and focusing on producing. Mike and Steve enjoy talking about music, movies, and spending time playing old video games.

Velvet Echo has produced music for ESPN, The NBA, MTV, the Today Show, as well as created promotional music for Major League Baseball, the NFL, The Olympic Games, They produced releases for Amy Whitcomb of NBC's "The Voice" and "The Sing Off."

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