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Noah grew up in a musical home in Southern California, where great songs were constantly being played.  Whether it was the Clash, the Beatles, Motown, the Police, classical, or gospel, Noah was exposed to great song writing at a very early age.  Noah received his first drum kit at age 3 and by the time he was 5, he was strumming guitar and taking piano lessons.  At age 9 he was playing drums at church.  His father, the music director, would strategically place Noah behind the choir, not because he wasn’t proficient on drums, but to avoid distracting the congregation from the cuteness of his age.

Noah started writing songs in high school and started bands (Suburbia and The Black & Red) and continues playing live with multiple musical acts.  He has played most of the local venues in Utah to sold out shows.  His Soundcloud account has over 70K plays, and his songs are on regular rotation on local radio.  After listening to Noah’s music, one might think he has professional studio musicians backing him, but actually, he does not.  From drums, to bass, guitar, vocals, synth, ETC… it is all Noah, including the mixing, engineering, and producing. 


An asset to any musical project, Noah’s positive, confident, fun, yet humble demeanor, brings out the creative best in everyone involved.  Noah loves writing, producing, and collaborating with local talent.  In the past year, Noah has released over 20 tracks on his SoundCloud and is currently one of VALO Artists' new refreshing and talented young artists.  

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