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I’m Ransom — it’s a weird name, but the rest is weirder so we’ll come back to the name later.  I was born at home in Cane Beds, Arizona.  By “at home” I mean the house across the street because our home was a shack that my mom built.  My parents didn’t trust the government so we lived on the fringes a lot.  I didn’t have a birth certificate or social security number until I was 17, and was home schooled until I was 10.  When I started public school in 6th grade, I was just as weird as you’d imagine for a home-schooled kid who never had friends because his family moved dozens of times.  My first day in class I said I loved the band “Hanson,” got pantsed on the playground, and cried my eyes out. That year one of the cool kids dropped out of a school play, and my music teacher knew I was good at memorizing stuff so she asked me to fill in for him.  I loved it, I was good at it, and I decided to keep performing the rest of my life. Since then I’ve sung with Panic! At The Disco, had songs featured in national ad campaigns, and I still love Hanson.  The name’s a Christian thing and I’m Ransom the 5th. So, really, the name isn’t that weird at all. 

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