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Aexo is an accomplished producer and DJ from the Rocky Mountain West, Salt Lake City, Utah. He has produced and performed his music internationally and has been credited in a variety of music industries including: artist production, film soundtracks, film trailers, television music, sound design, and DJ entertainment.


Aexo’s music has been played across the world on the radio, TV, commercials, and promos in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the US. In the film music industry, he has composed soundtracks and sound design for films such as: ‘Cel, Fallout, The Day After MLK, Stoneland, Weight Classes, Wildlife, and IFC series Frank and Lamar. His music has also been featured in film trailers like The Shallows, Crimson Peak, The Man in the High Castle, and many more.


He has produced for a wide variety of artists with a diverse musical styles, like Joslyn, Birdy (rapper), The Jets, The Strike, Thurl Bailey, H.I.S.D., PCP, Gioacchino Maurici, Nakatsuka (SpaceLab), Late Night Alumni, as well as producing music for various artists in his hometown of Salt Lake City.


Aexo has performed in a few parts of the world, like Japan and the Caribbean, and all across the United States, from NYC to Chicago to Vegas to LA, and many of the small towns in between. He has performed and DJ’d parties for Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Google, The American Cancer Society,, and opening for Flo Rida, One Republic, to name a few notables. In his local scene of Salt Lake City, he was the DJ/host of Strange Radio for community radio KRCL for five years, being involved with the community at countless events and fundraisers. You can catch him DJing or playing in his band Metro Music Club around town, up in Park City, and occasionally at the Sundance Film Festival.

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