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VALO Artists

A ground-breaking, artist-driven label from Warner Chappell, VALO Artists is a collective of immensely talented emerging artists, bands, producer teams and singer/songwriters, all dialed in to current music trends and creating exceptional campaign-friendly content to Advertising, Consumer, and Social Media channels.

VALO Artists explores multiple genres from Indie, Rock and Hip-Hop to Singer-Songwriter, Pop and Soul. We’re making music we love - hit songs made with commitment, dedication and passion.

VALO Artists ~ Creating Music That Connects.

Featured Releases

There’s always something new to find with VALO Artists. Whether it’s an album, EP, or single, VALO Artists is your hook-up to the music you want to listen and groove to! Check out our latest releases below, or see our comprehensive release list on the Releases tab.

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